Vulture Conservation Project


Nepal holds all the nine vulture species that are found in Indian sub-continent though she occupies only trace (0.1%) landmass of the globe. Vultures are the primary consumers of carrion and naturally scavenging birds which provide a vital ecosystem service through consuming carcasses of both domesticated and wild animals; thereby, cleaning the environment. Their cleaning service has been protecting human health, domestic animals, and wildlife because of the abundance of other scavengers, some of which are well-known disease reservoirs, would increase substantially at carcasses without vultures The population of resident Gyps vultures have undergone dramatic decline (>97%) in numbers since the mid 1990s.

 Aiming to prevent from the extinction of remaining breathing species we have initiated participatory long term monitoring and conservation project in Nepal Himalaya, producing local conservationists through the capacity building trainings and educating communities via outreach programs, collaborating with local government bodies, community based organizations and local people.

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