GPN – Nepal

Global Primate Network – Nepal was founded as a non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization (Regd. no. 524/2065/2066) in 2008 by a team of young wildlife researcher from Nepal. It was established with the aim of  promoting science-based conservation of wildlife and its habitat in Nepal Himalaya.

GPN- Nepal is dedicated to safeguard the future of wildlife through scientific research and community outreach program. GPN aims to conserve wildlife through people participation by developing and promoting local citizen scientist through necessary training and skill development program. Also, GPN – Nepal works with school in remote community to engage young school children to make aware about the wildlife conservation through informal class and extra-curricular activities which not only benefit their education but also have positive impacts on the people and wildlife in their community.  Besides wildlife research and conservation, GPN also works on several other themes like livelihood improvement, climate change, biodiversity conservation and nature based tourism.

Mission: GPN – Nepal aims to safeguard the future of wildlife along the Himalaya through scientific research and conservation

Vision: GPN – Nepal envision a future where local citizen scientist taking initiative to conserve the wildlife and local communities supporting their campaign


  • Promote the science-based conservation of wildlife
  • Develop and promote local citizen scientist through necessary training and skill development program
  • Improve the livelihood of local community through biodiversity conservation, climate change adaptation and tourism promotion.

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