Animal Parks Near High Wycombe

Where is High Wycombe?

High Wycombe is a small town to the northwest of London in the Chiltern Hills area. The countryside landscape and quiet environment is ideal for visitors to England because it offers a serene escape that is seemingly remote while still being within easy reach of the city of London and all its attractions and services. When it comes to hotels in high wycombe uk, there are a number of options to choose from to suit a wide array of tastes and budgets. Whether you prefer a small bed and breakfast or higher end hotel with many amenities, there is accommodation available to suit your needs.

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Wildlife Attractions in High Wycombe

Another popular feature of the High Wycombe area is its attractions which include a variety of opportunities to experience wildlife and nature. Within the town and it's surrounding area's, including London, there are many wildlife parks, animal hospitals, petting zoos, full zoos and wildlife refuges. To have respect for wildlife is to also have respect for the planet and each other. After all, we all have a place and purpose on the planet but it is our job as the intelligent species to ensure that other species are protected for generations to come. Some of these wildlife attractions include:

Odds Farm Park

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo

Woburn Safari Park

Beale Park

Paradise Wildlife Park

Warburg Nature Reserve

Tiggywinkles Wildlife Hospital

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo


The Living Rainforest

Herrings Green Activity Farm & Birds of Prey Centre

Battersea Park Children's Zoo

Why is it Important to Have these Attractions?

Providing the public with opportunities to immerse in wildlife and nature is vital because it teaches respect for the natural world and provides us with knowledge of how they live and thrive that we may otherwise not know. Knowing these things allows us to live in harmony with the other creatures we share the planet with. This is particularly important for species that are at risk or that are endangered. Many of these parks and zoos have successful breeding programs that help these species along. Once some of these animals are bred and are ready, they are returned to the wild where they can continue to thrive. While in captivity, they are well looked after by trained and educated staff who tend to their unique needs and keep them safe and healthy until they are ready to be released again.